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The Bard Sings in his Atrium

There are times when one feels guilty of being a soulful soul. But even when he feels that, he is living in his heart. And he will, always. A poem written with sensitivity towards its antonym.

I think it is written on us by Him, that we be dishevelled, pricked, pruned, pared and shrunk,
In all our endeavours and failures, we are hunted upon like stags.
All pure, brown and beautiful, and pregnable.
They said it right –
We aren’t here for enriching ourselves.
Enrichment only troubles existence.
We try to live where everyone survives.
Conflict – conflict of trusts and bonds,
Of men and women, of sons and fathers.
There’s no room for understanding.
Why understand when all that’s in vain when end meets us.
Don’t dive deep they say.
They seem to know what lies below without even going there.
There’s all that the dreamers want – ideas, revolution and happiness and love,
But there’s also a lot of pain, scars and wounds that nay to heal.
Why suffer when there’s the other side.
Shallow and narrow, and lot of fish!
Let’s delink ourselves from this sensitive atrium.
It has no covering, you see!
Live in the brain, the skull’s too strong, my child.


6 thoughts on “The Bard Sings in his Atrium

  1. umajaisimha says:

    The atrium is the heart housing the soul. Without the soul the atrium is the skull devoid of emotions.we suffer coz there is no other side. We live in narrow and shallow lanes without a choice and become indifferent. We accept our lot and fate wondering from where to delink in the journey called life.

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  2. Giridhar Hampapur says:

    Vighnesh, I liked your poem writing skills. It is a pleasure to observe your play with words for someone who watched you play with toys.
    I do not know where the soul resides in the body. The issue that I am certain is that life is struggle due to conflict between heart and head. Heart wins when you are young. Head wins when you are mature and old. The best and most practical instruction book is given by Lord Krishna in the form of Gita.
    My dad once quoted to me ” When you are young if you are not a communist then you do not have heart. When you are old and mature if you are not a capitalist you lack head”.
    Best wishes to you , Keep writing.

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    • Thanks Doddappa 🙂 My granddad always spoke wisely, didn’t he? But this poem isn’t a showcase of the battle of heart and mind. I believe that one needs a steady head on top of a sensitive heart. Each one – the heart or the brain, functioning without complementing the other, is vulnerable.
      Brain – here, simply doesn’t mean wisdom. Here, it is rather the intelligence and over-practicality with the lack of empathy and consideration that disdains anything heartfelt. The bard has made it clear in one line, “we try to LIVE where everyone SURVIVES”.


  3. A very nice poem vignesh …..
    The parallelism drawn between the heart , which is sensitive and.. the other side of it.. …which is the practical brain …is excellent…
    this poem is a symbol of the ocean in which we all r sailing today….

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  4. G S Joseph CFTRI says:

    Dear Vignesh, congrats. I could understand the depth of your poem after reading the above reviews. Still thinking! Continue your good writing!

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