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The ABCD Story…

Every time when my cousins and we, my sister and I meet, which would be once in a year, we play a game, like all cousins do. There’s nothing much as a royal proclamation here. It is fun and rich, but. We call it the ABCD game. One of us starts a sentence with A, the next continues the story with a B- sentence, the next one with C and so on…And the story must end within we reach Z. And every time, we used to lose the story from memory since we never used to record it. This time, however, I have written it down and I’ll treasure them all from now. Here’s what we made this year, The man in the cave. Oh, what a poor little man he is! It isn’t a great thoughtful story – just one made by adding your innocent imagination to somebody else’s.

A man lived in a cave.
But he hated to live in that ditch.
Crying miserably he decided not to live there anymore.
Daring to venture out to find new clothes because he didn’t have any proper ones, apart from the tiger skin he wore.
Every time he tried to go kill an animal, he ran back in fear.
For the past 3 months he had been surviving on nothing but cockroaches’ blood.
Growing more and more miserable with his living situation he built a raft.
He put the raft on the water and stood on it but the raft started sinking, for all the wood in the cave could not float on water.
“I am doomed” he cried.
Just as he said that, a monkey appeared on the scene.
Killing the monkey was his first thought.
Leaving the raft, he took a piece of the wood, killed the monkey and starting floating on its skin.
Motions carried him forward but then suddenly a storm appeared.
Not long after the storm started he also noticed he was sailing in shark infested waters.
Obviously, living was no longer an option, so he decided to jump into the water.
Perhaps if he had not done this, he would not have lived because the sharks took him in their mouth, didn’t eat him but dropped him off at the shore.
Question is, where was he?
Right around the corner from where he was dropped off, he saw the sign “Welcome to Bolton”.
So now he was even more depressed because he would’ve much rather lived in the cave.
There was a small child beckoning him with a smile on the shore.
“U look strange, where are you from?” The child asked.
“Very far away” he answered.
“Why did you come here?” The child asked.
“X-mas celebrate madana anta” he replied in a queer language.
“You’re not in the proper dress” the child started laughing.
“ZZZZZ” he woke up from the sleep and looked around to see the latest cockroach in the cave.

P.S: Every 4th sentence is my line.


4 thoughts on “The ABCD Story…

  1. Veena Ramesh says:

    Hilarious! You guys ran a riot. I had a hearty laugh imagining the man at the mercy of four bubbly heads. Living on cockroach’s blood! Living was no longer an option, so…. ha ha ha. Lovely game!
    You, of course! Sometimes you give him hope and sometimes trouble him, and then shoot the trouble.😃 Only you can give sharks that maternal kindness.

    Liked by 1 person

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