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Keep Sail

The Present is the most assuring brook of all. With it, flows this poem:

With my galvanized mind and abstracted heart,
I followed you in search of an art.
A burden of past that anguished my destiny
was causing me pain in unbearable density.
Without a moment’s hesitation in your way
I believed in you and your say.
You appeared as a bubble of hope
for I wanted very much to cope.
Then you popped in and out of me
to show me the bitterness of reality.
Living in the happened past was unfit
but in the future – isn’t it wit?
There’s a brook that flowing beneath me,
it is present to carry me away.
Shouldn’t I fall?
One leg is in the over, and one in the will
but I know – this water is my pill.
It takes me through ferns and mosses and stones
and I promise I shall never moan
Because with it I get silt and sand and a hand
that can hold me, that’s all.
Its presence is my messiah.


13 thoughts on “Keep Sail

  1. Harsha says:

    Lovely! The poem is raw and pure. It reflects the thinking of every individual in certain ways which I guess you as a writer would not have thought of!

    Best lines:
    1)Living in the happened past was unfit
    But in the future-isn’t it wit?
    2) One leg is in the over and one in the will!!

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  2. UmaJ says:

    The Brook by Tennyson must hve inspired you. The Brook of Life indeed! Life flows with a bubble of hope for all of us.But the bitterness of still waters run deep.Men may come and Men may go but I am the Messiah for mankind for aeons to come! The spirit and essence of life is in your poem. Truly thought provoking with oodles of existential philosophy.

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    • Oh! Haven’t read that poem, but that’s what Ill do right now.
      Thank you 🙂
      (Edit 1) Can I thank you enough ma’am for leading me to that wonderful poem? That poem, like the stream that puts it out, will never get consumed by time – it is perennial and undying! 😀


  3. Mangale Hatwal says:

    Its a wonderful poem Vighnesh! You followed an image of a future that you didnt find, and then understood that this present is everything! 🙂 Such a simple and profound themt told beautifully. God bless!

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  4. Veena Ramesh says:

    Oh Vighnesh, indeed this water is the pill, and the pull too, and indeed it gives us sand, silt and a hand if we count the blessings, and if nothing, just movement…and we go on for as long as we are destined to…

    The poem is both pensive and courageously humble.

    Isn’t this journey the destiny itself? How much is one taken up with the destination? Except to rest for a while, and seek another, further?

    The earnest voice in the poem is very appealing.

    This is rather a sailor’s song than the brook’s, or the counterpart of the brook’s song; I’m smitten that you wrote this without knowing the latter.

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